Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I got this impromptu portrait of Kyle when out hiking with him and my hubby. It was taken on my SX 70 Alpha camera using The Impossible Project's PX680 First Flush film.
We hiked to Elephant Arch outside of St George, UT. When I took this photo, we were in the thick of the sand portion of the route. We all were moving a bit slower , so we noticed things a bit more. We took in the way the light was bouncing around the valley, and stopped to photograph the waves in the sand. It was happy and peaceful so I thought it would make a perfect moment to capture.

Kyle is going through some really hard times right now, so he said he's going to hang the original up where it will remind him to smile more. I think that's a great use for a photo. 


  1. Yes, that is a marvelous use of a photo! Not often there is such a life-affirming moment captured on film!

    So, I have to be honest I never noticed the blog option on your photos :-{ Now I have, though, haha! And, what a great post to read first!

  2. Thanks, Jesse. It's no wonder you haven't been directed to my photo blog too often. (I haven't been the best as labeling the photos as "blogged.") I'm glad you like the photo. :)