Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Petrosino family

Unfortunately, the day that we had scheduled for this photo shoot in northern Utah was a rainy, overcast, and cold day. Fortunately though, these are some of my best friends and they are such good sports. While my husband/assistant and I were bundled in fleece and coats, Bill and Mariah braved the elements with cute outfits and smiles.

I love when personalities shine through, and I have to say that I feel that really happened on this shoot. I already knew how much they love one another and how fun they are to be around, but I think that it really shows in the photos. 

I also loved that Mariah requested the following photograph of their shoes. While Bill left the house dressed up for the photo shoot when he left the house that morning, he decided to wear his comfortable shoes to the office and  forgot to bring his nice shoes... 

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